Marrakesh made me do it

I had a vision on my 40th birthday to bring together my nearest and dearest for a celebration of life. With so many of them scattered across the globe, my hope was that I could steal them away for a week.

Drawing on my experience as a photographer and event manager, I embarked on a mission to curate an experience that would inspire them to down tools, enjoy life and the possibility of creative fellowship. With that fixed firmly in mind, I set about coordinating a once-in-a-life-time gathering in Marrakesh, Morocco.

What followed would be a week that would change everything. Many of them began the trip as relative strangers, but it wasn’t long before we were one – sharing food, stimulating conversation, jokes, exciting ideas and a wealth of cultural adventures that placed us in the heart of Morocco’s vibrant culture.

One by one they all came to me and shared personal stories of how the experience had provided them with fresh insights and a new perspective on life. They spoke of a real sense of freedom and a rare opportunity to be their authentic selves. The gratitude flowed both ways. This was no ordinary birthday celebration.

The whole experience was a gift in itself – one that we were all wrapped up in. By the time the coaches and cars arrived to transport us back to our respective cities and lives, it was clear that new and meaningful relationships had been formed. Of course nobody wanted it to end… in many ways it hasn’t. Breakout groups in London, New York and Copenhagen continue to connect and build on ideas that took root in the sun-kissed soil of Marrakesh. It’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold.

And with that an idea was born… what if we could inspire others to come together and connect in this new and exciting way? If they too were prepared unpack their creative potential, in the company of like-minds, what would they discover? Perhaps the experience would dislodge a long-standing creative block, lead to an unexpected and fruitful collaboration, inspire a hobby, build a new friendship or serve as a catalyst to make that big lifestyle or career change.

And so, we invite those with a sense of adventure and a clear belief that we can do things in a different way to come on board.

Camilla Bjørvig

Define: Sei·lar

Sei·lar is an immersive travel experience that celebrates passionate individuals, local culture and collective expression. We invite our members to unique places around the world to enjoy beautifully curated experiences that stimulate the mind and feed the senses. Every Sei·lar adventure – whether it be a week-long trip, a weekend excursion or an evening mixer – is a story waiting to unfold; one that attracts spirited, open-minded people who are led by a desire to listen, learn and live life to the fullest.


Word Origin

Selah – presumed to mean “Stop and listen”, “Pause, and think about that” – ‘Valid’, ‘Honest’ or ‘Always’. The Greek use it to represent a change in melody or rhythm – or a change in thought and theme. In Hebrew it means, “so be it”, and is considered to be the preparation for what is coming next.

Sailor – An adventurer: a person who practices the art of controlling the motion of a sailing ship across a body of water. Many seafarers are attracted by the sense of adventure, a chance to see the world and an opportunity to meet people from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


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